Music is the universal language, it has the ability to evoke emotions, create energy, and unique feelings. Sun of the Mountain uses different genres, and styles of music, to reach into the depths of your mind in order to create your own stories. Listen to the music, close your eyes, and design something you can call your own.

Sun of the Mountain is a solo instrumental project performed, composed, and recorded by Jeff Ragan.  With years of musical experience consisting of a variety of genres including: world, latin, folk, metal, rock, and classical, Sun of the Mountain brings a sound that fuses numerous styles into soulful, and emotive songs.  The tracks include a vast array of world instruments bringing a strong orchestral sound. Everything you hear on the recordings will be the same live, incorporating loops, pre-recorded samples, and intricate guitar playing. Having played hundreds of shows in the past, Sun of the Mountain brings a powerful performance and intense, intricate guitar playing.