What an experience! Big thanks to _focus
New Video Released


Beyond Dark Skies was filmed by Focus Pictures in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The goal was to capture the amazing prestine landscape while providing a raw, emotional take on the song, Beyond Dark Skies.  This song represents the ups and downs we all have in life.  Some say that dark skies are always on the horizion, but no one mentions the light that is following close behind. No matter how dark your skies get, continue to battle and light will emerge from the darkest of times. 

What a beautiful place #trollfalls_._.jp
Collaboration with Clayton Cavallo Coming Soon!

The power of collaboration is immense.  It can bring out certain feelings, emotions, and music that otherwise would not be possible. This will be Sun of the Mountains first collaboration with the talented Clayton Cavallo.   Layering numerous vocal tracks to create dark, powerful and beautiful ambience, Clayton Cavallo will be a great addition to Sun of the Mountains instrumental backing.  The song will be released in early 2020.